Thursday, August 13, 2009

Special day


The day Cookie Tan Bing Gan was born

happy birthday cookie!

i hope u liked your broccoli

Taking forever to upload pictures.. =.=


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Stupid things i have done this month

okay it might not really be this month.. but its between last month and this month..
so anyway..

Stupid thing no.1

Suctions cups for health therapy are fun to play with. Its like this suction cup thing with a pump attached to it. So you place the suction cup on the desired area on your body, pump the air out and it will automatically stick onto your body.

Your skin would look something like this

My dad tried it..i helped him put it on his back and he said it hurts. His skin literally looks like the one in the picture! DISGUSTING BALL OF SKIN..

he said it hurts so i wanted to prove my manlyness so i tried it lor..

i put it on my leg, my stomach, my back..

doesnt really hurt that much.. proves that im very manly la.. =D

and then i tried it on my face..

yes.. my face..

i yelled out to my mum then she came rushing thinking that the house was on fire... then when she saw my face she all like.. "where got people so stupid put it on the face one!?"

the result.. half my face looking like pikachu for a week.

i had to explain over and over again why my face was like that and how it happened.

i tried to make myself look cool and said i was involved in a bar fight and got punched in the face...

no one bought the story..

its gone now BTW

Stupid thing no.2

Was chatting with Den.. i asked her why she didnt go to work.. and this is how the convo goes..

Kj: Eh why didnt you to work today? did u take leave? are u sick or what?

Den: yeah.. Im sick..

Kj: @_@ Again?

Den: love sick babe

Kj: omg, ur weird.. i hate getting sick.. would suffer for 1 week.. ARE YOU QUARINTINED?

Den: swt, die la u. you are darn blur.. if a girl comes to u and start hitting on u... u would still be blur..

Kj: >_<

Den: i dunno.. am i?

Kj: if a girl comes to hit me.. ill evade each hit with my cat like reflexes! MEOW!!!

Den: ...ther u go.. u are blur..

Apparently Den wasnt sick and hitting didnt really mean HITTING..

if you had difficulty understanding this convo.. then HIGH 5! we are alike..

if you still had difficulty understanding even after i have explained it.. too bad.. you're own your own..


Stupid thing no. 3

i went back to hometown few weeks ago for my cousins wedding..

few hours prior returning back to PJ my phone battery was dead so i charged it..

i needed to charge my phone for as long as i can or i might spoil the battery..

.. so i "cleverly planned" to wait until the last minute when my dad started the car and was about to leave then ill only unplug the charger..

so i waited... and i forgot.. until the last minute.. when i was already in the car.. i ran upstairs.. got my stuff and went back into the car starting our long journey home..

the next day.. when my phone battery was almost half dead again.. i looked for my charger..

couldnt find it..

searched for it in my bag.. the car.. my bag.. (there wasnt many places to look for)

it was past midnight and i needed to charge my phone or i would not have a phone to use in coll the next day.. so i used the USB cable to charge the phone.. (thank god)

it wasnt really good tho.. left it the entire night and it still wasnt fully charged..

i had to ask everyone i know for a charger (if i didnt ask you means i know that you didnt have the charger for my phone model =P.. its n85 btw)

yeeyang was the godsent savior to my aid.. he had this charger converter i didnt existed..

so now i could use the old nokia chargers in my house to charge my n85.. YAY

its this thingamabob over here..

but still it wasnt that great.. wasnt sure if my phone was fully charged anot.. everytime i charge my phone i feel like im hurting it.. T_T

we didnt have to time go back to my grandma house just to get the charger.. so my dad called my uncle to deliver it since he was coming to PJ..

i was so happy when he came back.. he took out the charger.. and it turns out it was the WRONG charger.. dam potong..

it didnt even look like a phone charger! it was like.. some retro cable thingy to charge some retro thingy.. i dont know.. =.= and the obvious "nokia" word wasnt on it..

so he went back and my dad told him to look for it again.. this time he specified what the charger looked like and stuff.. but then i thought.. how hard could it be to find it!?!

next day.. was in the car.. my dad told me my uncle couldnt find it.. so i though.. some idiot must have stolen the charger.. have to spend around rm50 to buy a new one..*sigh*

then i opened the dashboard in my dad's car...

it was in here all the time

turns out i was the clever idiot who put the charger in the car.. looked for it in stupid random places.. troubled yee yang and my uncle.. and hurt my beloved n85..

great job kaijie..

Stupid thing no.4

was doing ib homework in Lan class.. Mr Sushkov told us to write a mission statement for your company..

I created an Ice Cream company called Victorious Co.. with a very cool mission statement.. (im not gonna write it all down.. it very long) like with great power comes great responsibility, saving the world one step at a time.. by selling ice creams.. pretty cool huh.. =)

even Neesha said it was cool.

so then i created a motto.. "LIVE TO LICK"

it didnt sound weird at first.. you lick ice creams.. so it thought it was pretty good.. proud of myself.

then when Neesha saw my mission statement.. she was like.. woah... what?! "Live to Lick?"

Then she made a gang peace sign and stick her tongue out in the middle of the index and middle finger (use your imagination guys)

I was like.. WOW NEESHA! you're a genius.. i could actually set up a company with great ice creams, great mission statement, great motto and a great pose!

I was going to do all those during ib class... UNTIL.. Neesha told me the bad news..

"Victor. do u know what that means? *does pose* I shook my head..

"It means vagina..." then i couldnt stop LMAO-ing.. i cant believe i was gonna do a vagina pose in front of ib class..


Stupid thing no.5

The last stupid thing i did this month was.. posting how stupid i was in my blog..

great job kaijie.. =.= you have just announced to the world how stupid you are..


Saturday, July 18, 2009


oh my god.. i am a failure..
this time 2 weeks without blogging but there were kind of so many things going on..

well lets go back in time..


Last Tuesday...

My whole month holiday were over and back to college.
New subjects, new lecturers, new classmates and new TIMETABLE...

WTH LA.. really hate my timetable this sem..

class starts at 8am and ends at 1pm.. still the same.. but i have no breaks..

5 hours of non stop adrenaline pumping ICPU class.. it requires alot of mental strength to concentrate and not fall to sleep.. so far a have not succumb to the annoying sandman...

No more hanging out with LI CHUNG..

miss you man... (in a very non gay way)
and ofcoz shafique, nyit yang and trina la..

ok back to college talk..
taking data management, LAN, International Business and Econs this sem..

i made a rough sketch of the lecturers

from left, Mr Shawn Lecont (he IS short, feel happy standing beside him, kinda stoner), Mr Ari( funny guy, wants to be prime minister of Malaysia), Mr John Sushkov( dam funny and cool guy, has very little hair), Mr Moaz (he knows basically everything you wanna ask, and has alot of lame jokes, sometimes not funny)

SO BASICALLY... my 2nd sem is fun.. except the fact that i get very hungry after the 1st period..

now we zoom back to last Friday!


made a deal with a guy in and got myself a new phone!!

LG ARENA, very awesome phone..

went to meet him at summit after college and had to call my dad for the money (it was 1400 btw, he bought it for 1800 and used it for only 2 weeks so its a SWEET DEAL!)

but.... my dad wasnt free so he ask me to call my mum.. that is when everything started to get bad..

my mum wasnt a big fan of handphones.. so she didnt really like that im spending 1400 on a second hand phone..

met him at starbucks, good honest looking guy

sat down and he showed me the phone.. better than i expected lor.. no scratches at all.. wanted to just give him the money, go home and play with my new phone!!..

BUT NO...! mummy had to "talk" with him.. she said..

"so your phone rm1400 ah? secondhand wor.. do you know after you buy a car you would instantly lose 30%? how bout you sell the phone for rm1200 la"

the guy and me was like... WTH!? then my mum started to bargain like in pasar malam.. she was VERY GOOD in bargaining.. and after almost and hour, she managed to slash off rm100..

so the phone was rm1300.. kind of pity the guy.. and i was very embarrassed the way mummy acted.. =.= already made deal ma.. how can like that? but anyway she saved a hundred bucks and went home smiling..

went home after that and played with the phone.. AWESOME~~! have been waiting for almost a year to get my new phone and finally the time has come..

ok now back to current time


fell sick yesterday.. and feel horrible today.. runny nose sorethroat and feel like the room is spinning.. stuffed my nose with tissue to prevent watery mucus from dripping down.. and i sound like donald duck!

really hope its not swine flu >_<

ohyeah and another thing.. i just sold my phone.. LOL

yes i did.. and i earned rm50! just advertised it on and someone msged me the next day saying that he wants the phone for 1350..

oh well.. touch screen phones are REALLY hard to use.. would rather stick with the conventional keypad.. so i drove to Asia Cafe to meet him (took me 10mins to drive there.. BEAT THAT!) had a major headache.. but with my high pain tolerance.. i was able to go home safely.. =P

until like my COD( cash on delivery) experience.. he didnt have a MUMMMY to nag about the price.. thank god..

he just checked the phone and gave me exactly 27 pieces of rm50 notes! (i dont have a camera anymore coz i sold my phone =( so i cant take the picture of all the money)

so now i have rm1350 to spend... WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Havent blogged for a week again..
But i dont seem to get the motivation to blog, due to my extreme lazyness and procrastination, because i always


Well, exactly last week ago... i had a hair cut.



Was getting kinda bored with long hair... and the hair keeps getting into my eyes!
So now im more careful, faster, stronger and smarter. XD

After that, went to watch transformers.. and it was AWESOME.

Optimus prime still kicks ass, megatron still loosing, and megan fox still looking hot.

The movie was so good, that i watched it 3 times!

So what are u waiting for? GO watch la..

Btw, did you all notice the cartoon Megatron had a girl hairstyle...
It might not be hair, but its a girl-hairsylte-shaped helmet.

The movie one looks wayy cooler, and he got new parts.
observe his feet, or tyres... whatever..

And i am currently addicted to gossip girl..
The ups and downs of their lives are kind of enjoyable to watch..

So what if she's a bitch? Shes a hot bitch!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice..

Ok la, everyone has been saying my blog ended before it even started… just two posts and one whole week without an update. (Maybe the first one wasn’t counted, but who cares! XD)

In actual fact, my week had been kind of full of action packed fun activities. Let me list them down.

1) Watched Drag me to Hell
2) Went to Lowyat and Sungai Wang
3) Shueze stayed over
4) Played badminton
5) Watched Night in the Museum 2 ( I know im slow so SHADDUP)
6) Lan Party
7) Celebrated I Ting’s pre-birthday lunch.
8) Celebrated Fathers day
9) Went to Genting
10) Watched Last House on the Left
11) Cut my hair
12) Celebrated I Ting’s surprise party.

See, so many things, so I was sort of busy with LIFE la.

Ok number 1, went to 1u with gang, mainly to meet up with Shueze who has been studying in Singapore.

Bought tickets to Drag Me to Hell and entered the cinema kind of mentally prepared.

So about this movie, 3 words


I was super wrong, I thought with the cheesy movie name, Drag me to Hell would be an OK movie and not too scary.

I was practically slouched on my seat using my knees to block the screen (leaving a little gap to watch the movie so that I wouldn’t waste my 10 bucks) and both my hands to cover my ears.

All because of this woman. MRS GANUSH

Just look at the poor girl’s face, so terrified. Anyway she’s kind of okay looking. Alison Lohman =)

And this is the part when she vomits earthworms into her mouth. EWWWWWWWWWWW

I admit this movie made me jump up my seat a few times! And I bet many of you all have also screamed like a helpless girl la.. just admit it.

It’s the way the director (Sam Raimi, director of the Spiderman movies) made it, Mrs Ganush just pops right in front of your face without warning.

So if you think you’re very MAN and want to prove your manlyhood, go ahead and watch it.

Just don’t try to embarrass yourself. =P

Ok number 2, me, Shueze, Kah Joon, Brian Cheah and Loh went drove to Lowyat. Totally stoned there, didn’t buy much.

Then we went to Sungai Wang for some Gundam Shopping for Shueze. It was his “dream” to own one so I suggested to buy it at Sungai Wang cause it would be cheaper compared to Toys “R”Us.

After some brain aching decision making, Shueze finally decided to buy the Gundam Arios.

TADA.. dam cool looking Gundam.

It can even transform into a plane!! Just like transformers. *drools*

After forking out 50bucks to help Shueze pay for the 120bucks Gundam, he decided to stay over at my place and build the gundam..

The main entertainment of buying a gundam is the building process. So, yeah, I get to build the gundam too! Dam fun la..

Took approx 4 hrs to finish the gundam and it is now on display in Shueze’s room.

Felt kinda nostalgic when we started playing with it like little kids.. XD Picking up the gundam imagining its flying and shooting imaginary laser and making our own sound effects..

PEW PEW PEW!!! BOOOOM!! LOL Retards...

3) Next day we went to play badminton

Brian came to my house to fetch us to 3k sports complex. Sound dam cool but it actually means kemudahan ke.. something shit..

Brian was super hungry and was kinda cranky, wanted to go to Atria to eat Hakka Mee, but we were slow so he had to wait for us to get ready.

Then we got in the car and left…. Then I forgot I left Kah Joon’s guitar book and Brian had to turn back to my house.. kinda tulan edi..

Snatched the book and got into his car and left my house again..

Then I remembered… Eh we’re going to play badminton right.. how come I’m not bringing my badminton racquet.

Brian was freaking pissed now and just shouted cause we had to go back to get my racquet again…


All three of us we’re dam quiet in the car.. until we reached 3k sports complex.. LOL.

Met Boon Wei, Eng Yuan, ZY and Munhon there.

Haven’t played badminton for almost 2 years already..distance judgement of the shuttlecock was completely screwed..

I got a high ball and was ready to lay a smash on them..
Correct stance and all…….

Ball coming down….

Swung my racquet as hard as I could and was kind of sure I hit the shuttlecock…

….. Missed.

The shuttlecock dropped beside me and they scored a point..
Dam paiseh lor.. and that didn’t end there.. it happened for a few times before I got my kick back..

Played until was completely drained and has blisters on my thumb.. =.=

Didn’t have any photos lor.. no camera..

4) Watched Night in the Museum

Went out to 1u to celebrate Hon Leong’s birthday. Met up with BU3 friends again.

Hon Leong lah!.. didn’t plan anything at all.. just call us to go 1u… to stone…

We decided to best way to kill time was to watch a movie.

Somehow we landed on Night in the Museum 2.

I was like.. ok lor.. but I wanted to watch State of Play.

But since I’m such a nice guy I gave in and watched Night in the Museum 2 lor.. =D

The movie was OK, not bad… but not too good either. Yawned throughout the entire movie.

Not because I was bored.. because I was sleepy.

Definitely liked the first one better. But thus movie had Amy Adams..!

So pretty…

Basically she’s the main attraction of the movie.. for me la… XD

5) After 1u went to Shueze house for Lan Party.

F.Y.I , a lan party is a party when everyone brings their own laptop/ desktop over, connect it to a wireless connection and sama sama play lan games.

My com was a desktop, so I kinda lazy bring my computer. Kah Joon, Kp, Brian and Wei Seong brought theirs and plugged in their laptops on Shueze’s dining table.

It would have been a perfect Lan party if the connection was smoother, Brian’s laptop screen was bigger (4 of his laptop screen would equal to mine, can you imagine how small that is) and if Aq, Zy, engyuan and other ppl hadn’t been owning.

But I somehow respect Brian for being able to play dota using his uber small screen la..

A lot of shouting and cursing throughout these tense moments. (too bad I got no camera to take picture..)

After losing 2 games straight,” Lan party gang” decided to play with the public, then the fun starts.

At least they won another 2 games lor.. and they played until 3am.

Fought for Shueze’s bed, share some ghost stories and slept until it was noon and the sun was shining on our asses.

Dam tired la.. and Im only halfway done. Gonna continue some other time..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ZOMGWTFBBQ!! Kaijie has a blog!?

Yes, the unexpected, unthinkable thing thought unhappenable (don't know if it’s a real word) has just happened. I have a blog.

My holidays have already started for about 2 weeks already and I’m super bored. So I thought, “Hey why don’t a start a blog?”

No more TV stoning, monitor staring, bed sleeping boringness. I’m in for some hardcore blogging fun!!

Ok maybe not, but at least Ill be able to do something new and kill time, and if possible, improve my English writing skills?

The only drawback is I do not have a camera (my chaplang phone does not have a camera). I know it sucks. I won’t be able to post those interesting, mind blasting pictures for you all to see lor. But Ill get one soon, I hope.

Another reason why I thought blogging would be fun was because last year, Wei Seong asked me “ Eh kaijie you don’t have blog meh? I tot you very happening wan..” LOL. I didn’t know my life was so HAPPENING.

So ok lor, you all can see those “Happening” moments in my life all posted in this blog. =.=

I’m going to have to explore a bit about blogging, because I’m a noob. This is my FIRST time blogging, paiseh. So please don’t blame me if I did something stupid. Then again….. I do stupid things all the time.

But still.. be nice!

OK bye

Monday, June 15, 2009

hello..? testing testing 1 2 3